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BIManager Software

Nearly all school boards use BIManager (GeXamine) to manage the administration and preparation of examinations. Using our software in examination rooms gives school boards greater flexibility in managing exams and student files. 

Main Features of BIManager

This software allows users to:

  • ensure that an exam or evaluation situation assigned to a student for a given date has not previously been administered to that student,
  • print, for each exam session,
    • a list of scheduled students
    • the exams or evaluation situations for which they are registered, eliminating the need to keep master copies in filing cabinets,
  • efficiently manage exam room availability and inventory of materials required for a specific session,
  • link with the JADE-TOSCA system to manage student files.


  • Ability to personalize cover pages
  • Dynamic link with JADE-TOSCA
  • List of New & Revised Materials integrated into the software 
  • Audio tracks integrated into the software
  • Documents can be modified using Word