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Cycle 1

Short Glossary

The glossary is the place for Cycle One students to record new words they encounter as they carry out the four learning activities that promote financial literacy.

Dollar $ense

Nico's Guitar

English Language Arts

Students explore the concept of the value of goods, in connection with the time and resources required for their manufacture, by answering the guiding question: How much does it cost?

Kim's Necklace


Students explore the relationship between the value of goods and their scarcity. They are asked to compare the value of two different necklaces by answering the following guiding question: What creates the value of an object?

The Fair


Students explore the concept of making a budget. Starting their day at the fair with only a limited amount of money, they have to decide which rides to go on, and how much to spend on snacks. They answer the guiding question: Am I able to manage a budget?

My Dream, My Goal


Students explore the concepts of work, wages and savings. They answer the guiding question: How long will it take for me to save enough money to buy the item of my dreams?