The Banque d’instruments de mesure (BIM) is an examination bank that serves to facilitate the evaluation of learning. The BIM team, consisting of evaluation specialists, secretarial staff, graphic artists and linguistic revisers, works in close collaboration with pedagogical consultants and teachers throughout the Québec school system to produce quality examinations.

Our Mission

To provide the school system with a bank of examinations in accordance with the ministerial frameworks for evaluation and that comply with and meet the needs of the community.

Expertise in Evaluation

BIM team evaluation consultants support the school system in the development of examinations. They ensure that ministerial guidelines and orientations have been respected and monitor the quality of the examinations released.

Partners in Examination Development

Pedagogical consultants and teachers in the school system collaborate closely with the BIM team to develop, validate and field-test examinations.

Custom-made Examinations

BIM examinations include all the necessary documents and tools required for their administration and evaluation. In addition, they are available in versions that allow users to modify them according to their needs.

Three Training Sectors

BIM examinations are intended for educational institutions and developed for the General Education – Youth Sector, General Education – Adult Sector, and Vocational Training.