BIM offers hundreds of examinations for the adult sector. Each of these BIM-created examinations is developed in collaboration with a team of teachers, pedagogical consultants and a BIM evaluation consultant. This rigorous procedure is in place to develop each examination in accordance with the ministerial frameworks for evaluation. Organizations that have subscribed to BIM can access the content of the bank via BIManager. 


BIManager Software

This software includes the following features: 

  • management of the list of registered adults
  • assignment of an examination version to an adult for a given period of time while making sure that it has never been administered to him/her before
  • editing and personalization of examinations 
  • printouts of examinations
  • efficient management of the availability and capacity of the examination rooms as well as the inventory of the materials required for the examination 
  • establishment of a link with the JADE-TOSCA system to manage the adults’ records

List of New and Revised Material

The list of revisions and new releases is published every month. The list includes every new examination available in the bank as well as examinations that have been revised. To subscribe to this list, or to opt out, visit the List of New and Revised Material.