Help us improve our products

Creation of Espace Idées

A platform for submitting ideas and suggestions to improve GRICS products

We’re very pleased to introduce Espace Idées (Idea Space), a platform designed to bring GRICS and its customers closer together and facilitate communication and collaboration within the network.

Accessible to all at as of May 2, 2022, this platform will allow our products’ users to:

  • submit ideas and suggestions for improvements
  • see suggestions from other users
  • vote on the suggestions they think are most relevant
  • see the status of various ideas (already existing, planned, delivered, etc.).

When our teams are developing and optimizing our products, they will be able to consult the information you’ve entered. It will help orient us and choose which decisions to prioritize.

We will be adding links to Idea Space on all our websites and gradually integrating links into our applications in order to maximize the number of users who participate.

This new platform will help us build a stronger relationship with GRICS users so we can better understand their needs and expectations. Knowing more about what users want will make us better equipped to create solutions that will make help them from day to day.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the team through Espace client.