Evaluation Specifications


A password is required to access the reference framework of evaluation specifications for certification purposes. This password may be attained by contacting the BIM team

It is also possible to propose changes to the established evaluation specifications used by BIM. You may submit a request using the following form. It should be noted that consultation with all school boards is often necessary to validate such requests. 


Sessions on the Evaluation Specifications

Each year, the BIM team organizes sessions to validate the evaluation specifications. These sessions allow the teachers to: 

  • develop expertise on evaluation specifications
  • share ways of doing things and establish a common vision
  • divide up the tasks among school boards
  • reduce the costs of developing evaluation tools

The News section of the website provides information on upcoming sessions



Determination of Specifications and Examination Development

The VT BIM team announces the start of work to determine the specifications (30 marks) and the development of the examinations for the following program:

  • DVS 5862 – Production Equipment Operation

If interested, please complete the participation form below and return it to the specified email address before March 13, 2019.