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The Development Process: A collaborative process for designing evaluation situations


  • Make contact with school boards to recruit teachers for design teams (two or more teachers per evaluation situation, according to the subject area)
  • Determine the work plan, responsibilities and logistics
  • Fix a timeline


  • Provide initial training to the design team
    • Present the essential elements of the program and the selected course of study
    • Present the definition of the evaluation domain and the process for developing evaluation situations
  • Develop the content of the evaluation situation
  • Define the different parts of the evaluation situation: guide, student booklets, evaluation instruments, other supporting documents


  • Have two teachers validate the evaluation situation (non-design team members)
  • Gather the teachers' comments and observations
  • Make the appropriate corrections

Linguistic Revision & Distribution

  • Complete linguistic revision
  • Distribute the evaluation situation

Consult a detailed table of the process (PDF)