Examination Development


Collaborative Process

The BIM examinations are developed and validated in collaboration with teams of teachers, pedagogical consultants and BIM evaluation consultants. This rigorous procedure is in place to develop each examination in accordance with the ministerial frameworks for evaluation.   


Submitting an Examination  

It is possible to submit an examination to the BIM team. In order for the examination to be accepted, it must contain all the relevant documents and comply with the established evaluation specifications used by BIM.


It is always recommended to use resources (e.g. images, texts, plans) that are copyright-free or for which it is possible to obtain use and distribution rights. It is essential to provide the BIM team with detailed source information for each resource used.


Questions? Contact the BIM team.


Examination Development Sessions  

Each year, the BIM team organizes examination development and review sessions. These sessions allow teachers and pedagogical consultants to: 

  • develop expertise in examination development while contributing to the bank
  • allocate tasks to educational organizations  
  • reduce the costs of developing evaluation tools

The News section of the website provides information on upcoming sessions.


Examination Templates

BIM offers templates to facilitate examination development:  

Practical Examination

Practical Knowledge Examination

Occupation and Training Process

Entering the Workforce